Asaki Okamura is an Art Director based in Tokyo, Japan.

His design approach, consisting of simple and effective solutions paired with an understanding of consumer needs and cultural differences, has helped develop brands and identities from around the world.

Asaki was born in Japan and grew up in Rio de Janeiro. He took an interest in art at an early age, spending most of his time drawing and poring over Surrealist artbooks. Deciding to pursue a career in design, he attended Parsons School for Design (BFA 2017) in New York, simultaneously earning work experience from internships, freelancing, and full-time positions. He eventually returned to Japan, and currently is an Art Director at a web production company in Tokyo.

Asaki speaks English, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese.


E-mail: asakiokamura@gmail.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/asakiokamura/

Instagram: instagram.com/asakiokamura/


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